My Story

Hi!  I'm Leigh Whelan-Farrow, and I'm honored to be your Independent Scentsy Consultant.


I discovered Scentsy years ago when a student gave me a warmer and a bar as a gift.  At some point in 2013, I rediscovered that warmer, started using it, and became addicted!  I began ordering wax at least once a month and soon added the laundry products to my orders.  I initially joined Scentsy on July 1, 2014 simply because I wanted to earn commission on the Scentsy orders that I was placing and to get some free product. But this journey turned into so much more!  


With Scentsy I found something I enjoyed.  Something that was for me.  Something that made my heart smile.  I found a group of "sisters" who are more loving, supportive, encouraging, and kind than anyone I had ever known before. They believed in me.  And I started to believe in myself.  And then I was successful.  I discovered that I was good at something. And then I realized that I could provide that opportunity for other people.  I could help other women find themselves under all of the inadequate, scared, less than, weird lies that they'd believed - just like I had.  And that's become my purpose. Helping people to find themselves. To get out from under the lies that other people told them. Or the lies they told themselves.  Helping people to see their full potential.  


So whether you're just looking to make your world smell a little better with a unique fragrance experience or you're looking to start an amazing journey, I truly look forward to showing you how Scentsy fits into your life.